Bring us your Rising Stars, and Receive a Discount on ASTA’s New Policy & Leadership Development Conference!

  • On March 27, 2018
  • ASTA, Capitol Hill, Policy & Leadership Development Conference (PLDC)

ASTA is proud to introduce the inaugural Policy & Leadership Development Conference (PLDC) this June 9-13 in Washington D.C.! This new event has been designed to not only tackle the current policy issues of our industry, but to address our larger industry challenge of preparing emerging industry leaders to take the reins of our businesses in the future. To that end, ASTA has devoted its efforts to creating a Leadership Development program as one of the two central purposes of this new conference. A few of the benefits this track offers to your company’s developing managers include: exposure to broader seed industry views, management skills development, preparing for leadership roles within the industry, and learning how to advocate on Capitol Hill.

In the spirit of our new focus on leadership development, we’re asking ASTA members to bring their rising stars to Washington, DC! When you register as a delegate, you are able to nominate at least one person from your company as an “Emerging Leader” and they receive $200 off their registration rate.

 In addition to Leadership Development, attendees will play a critical role in shaping the policies that guide ASTA’s regulatory and legislative efforts on the state, national and international levels. It’s essential to have a strong showing from as many ASTA member companies as possible in these discussions. PLDC programming will ensure you’re well-prepared to share your message on Capitol Hill during our popular “Storm the Hill” event on June 12-13.

Don’t miss the chance to become part of the inaugural group to participate in this legacy event! For more information, visit our website, and register yourself (and your rising stars!) today!