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Thank you to everyone who participated in ASTA’s inaugural Policy & Leadership Development Conference June 9-13, 2018. In order to help us continue to improve our conferences, please take a few moments and complete our post-conference survey.

Check out pictures from the week on our PLDC Flickr album. We hope to see you in Denver, CO next year June 15-19!

“ASTA was an incredible opportunity for students to meet with industry professionals and build relationships with people who are on the cutting edge of agricultural, nutritional, and technological sciences geared towards providing fresh produce to sustain lives around the world.”

–          Amara Salmon (Junior Communication and Leadership Development Major)

“We spoke with company representatives from around the world who devote their time to growing, harvesting, cleaning and marketing their seed in a culturally acceptable way.  This is really powerful because they care about the people and the relationships as much as the financial implications of their businesses.”

–          Madeline Grace Black (Junior Food and Resource Economics Major)

“So often when we think of food we envision a farmer and the market, not the hands that pick the fields filled with radish seeds, or the prestigious machines designed to sort the tiniest seeds like lettuce to pumpkins and all sizes in between.   As a student, I cannot thank you enough for believing in us and giving us an eye-opening experience.  The conference gave me a new respect for the people and companies behind the food we eat and their dedication to the cause. I’m now considering a position in the agribusiness sector that was previously overlooked.”

–          Corina McBride (Junior Environmental Sciences Major)

“Getting to know the execs was an incredible experience.  It made me feel as though I could contribute something valuable to sustaining our world through agriculture.  It was powerful for me and because of the conference my world has opened to a ton of new opportunities with an industry that I am now in love with.”

–          Josh Rymer (Senior Finance Major)