Workshop on Phytosanitary Procedures for the Import and Export of Commercial Seed in India

  • On October 21, 2021

Through a collaboration with India’s seed association (FSII), ASTA members and staff co-hosted a workshop in early September, which outlined the phytosanitary procedures for the import and export of commercial seed in India with the Indian national Plant Protection Office (NPPO). Participants learned about seed movement and phytosanitary regulations through discussions with the Indian NPPO and local seed industry.

To view the full video, click here. For specific topics, see below.

Introductions: 0:00-8:01
ASTA Overview: 8:02-20:24
FSII Overview/Key phyto issues impacting industry: 21:52-31:08
Dr. Ravi Prakash, Plant Protection Advisor, Phytosanitary Regulations for the Import of Plant Products and Commercial Seeds: 32:50-57:10
Dr. Srivastava, Deputy Commissioner, Overview of Commercial Seed Import/Export: 58:13-1:19:20
Dr. Kumar, Joint Director, Phytosanitary Regulations for Export of Commercial Seed in India: 1:20:45-1:32:04
Questions and Answers: 1:32:25-2:06:42