UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center Offers New Courses

  • On October 20, 2021

The UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) is offering a number of courses related to plant breeding throughout the fall and winter.

The UC Davis Hemp Breeding & Seed Production course will be offered online November 2-4 and will offer participants insights into the latest market and regulatory developments.

Throughout November, the first two installments of the Plant breeding educational short courses will be offered in Spanish and Portuguese (E-Series #1: Statistics & Experimental Design in Spanish or Portuguese and E- Series #2: Hybrid Breeding Strategies in Spanish or Portuguese). In these courses, participants will learn how to use statistics and being exploring hybrid vigor phenomena in plant breeding. The third course in the series, E-Series #3: Advanced Statistics & Experimental Design, will be offered in January and February 2022 and will guide participants through multi-environmental trials, augmented design and genotype by environment interactions (GxE).

The UC Davis Seed business 101: Horticulture course will be offered December 6-10 in-person. This course will use case studies to reflect vivid real-life situations of the five functional areas from Plant Breeding to Seed Sales.

Finally, the UC Davis SBC is still accepting applications for Class VIII of the Plant Breeding Academy (PBA), which starts in February 2022 in Davis, California. For more information about PBA, contact sbc@ucdavis.edu.