Limited ToBRFV Testing Options Now Available for Tomato Seeds

  • On October 28, 2020

At the request of USDA-APHIS and ASTA to assist in helping to alleviate current testing backlogs, the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab (TPDDL) at Texas A&M University (a National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) laboratory), will be providing limited seed testing services for screening ToBRFV in tomato seeds.

TPDDL has scaled up to run 30 samples per week and will accept submissions of up to 30 samples per set. To provide equity in service, TPDDL will process (queue) sets by order of submission – one set per client (first come, first serve). Expected sample size for testing is 3,000 seeds.

Those interested in utilizing this service should contact Dr. Kevin Ong at or 979-845-4751 for details. ToBRFV PCR detection fee will be $350/sample.

Click here for the form and instructions for sample submission.