Treated Seed Legislation in the States

  • On June 15, 2022

A new law signed by the Governor of Vermont will require the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets, after consultation with the Agricultural Innovation Board, to adopt best management practices (BMPs) for neonic treated seeds that are planted in Vermont. While the first draft of the legislation included a state ban on neonic pesticides, that language was not included in the final bill signed into law. In addition to the adoption of BMPs the law requires a study to determine whether Vermont should make changes to its current regulations around treated seed.

Additionally, a bill in New York (A.7429) came very close to passing before the legislative session ended last week. That bill, titled The Birds and Bees Protection Act, would have prohibited the sale of neonic pesticides or the use of seeds coated with neonic pesticides in the state. The companion bill in the Senate was amended to mirror the Assembly bill, but it was never called to the floor and failed to pass before the legislative session ended on May 2.