This Planting Season, be Sure to Steward your Seed Investment

  • On March 7, 2022
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This Planting Season, be Sure to Steward your Seed Investment

Alexandria, VA—March 7, 2022—As planting season begins across the country, the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and its members reminds farmers, applicators, and anyone handling treated seed to follow the guidelines for proper stewardship at every step of the process.

“Seed treatments help protect the developing seed during its most vulnerable time – at planting and germination,” said ASTA President & CEO Andy LaVigne. “Their highly targeted, precise approach means less impact on the surrounding environment. This is one of the many valuable and innovative tools that enable America’s farmers to be more productive, while using less – that’s a win for farmers’ bottom line and a win for the environment.”

It’s important that farmers and applicators always be diligent in following proper guidelines for treated seed at every step of the process – including treating, handling, transporting, planting and disposal. These steps include:

  • Following label directions on treated seed container labeling for handling, storage, planting and disposal practices.
  • Eliminating flowering plants and weeds in and around the field prior to planting.
  • Cleaning and removing all treated seed left in containers and equipment used to handle harvested grain and dispose of it properly. Keep all treated seed out of commodity grain channels.
  • Minimizing dust using advanced seed flow lubricants.
  • Being aware of honeybees and hive locations near the field at planting, and communicate with beekeepers when possible.

ASTA and other partners offer a variety of educational resources to assist growers and applicators in the proper use and handling of treated seed. For more information, visit Additional resources are available at


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