State of the States

  • On March 24, 2017

Most state legislatures have hit the midway mark in their sessions at this point in the year. This is a benchmark, given that bills filed late in the session are usually difficult to pass.

ASTA is closely tracking a number of bills on topics including:

  • Pollinators: Proposals to enhance pollinator habitat.
  • Seed Treatment: Most bills seek to limit or enhance regulations, but none have gained traction at this point.
  • Seed Preemption:
    • The bill in Arkansas has become law;
    • The bill in Utah is waiting on the Governor’s signature; and
    • The bills in Missouri, Texas and Delaware are just getting started.
    • Invasive Species/Noxious Weeds: Bills seek to add species and/or change the structure of a state’s invasive species regulatory system.

Thanks to all of the ASTA’s members who have been helping at the state level. We’ll continue to track movement on legislation of interest, and will keep you posted as things develop.