State Legislatures Approach Bill Deadlines

  • On March 11, 2021
  • Bill Tracking, State Legislatures

Bill deadlines are approaching in the state legislatures, which means if a bill hasn’t begun to move through the process, it’s probably not going to make it to the Governor’s desk. However, that doesn’t rule out the opportunity for language to be added to another bill that is moving through the process.

Key bills ASTA is watching, and not previously reported, include:

  • Montana HB 294: Allows the State Department of Agriculture to adjust the state’s seed license fee;
  • Arkansas HB 1210: Changes the membership of the State Plant Board to be appointed by the Governor, rather than named by organizations represented on the board;
  • Montana HJ 17: Designates the first full week in June as Noxious Weed Awareness Week;
  • Virginia SB 1162: Creates an enhanced individual and corporate income tax credit, beginning in taxable year 2021, for the implementation of certain agricultural best management practices that are required as part of a certified resource management plan;
  • Utah HB 241: Makes general administrative revisions and updates to the state seed law.

ASTA members may use this link to determine the current status of all bills the association is tracking at the state level: For more information, contact ASTA Director State Affairs Pat Miller.