Special Notice to ASTA Membership: Proposed FY 2022-23 Slate of Officers

  • On April 21, 2022

Jerry Flint, Acuity Consulting, and Chair of the ASTA Nominating Committee announced the proposed slate of ASTA Officers for FY 2022-23. The nominations are as follows:

  • Chair – Jim Schweigert, Gro Alliance;
  • First Vice Chair – David Armstrong, Sakata Seed America, Inc.;
  • Second Vice Chair – Dan Foor, La Crosse Seed;
  • Central Region Vice President – Bryan Gerard, JoMar Seeds, Inc.;
  • Northwest Region Vice President – Crystal Fricker, Pure Seed;
  • Northeast Region Vice President – John Bozeman, Seedway LLC;
  • South Region Vice President – Luke Turner, Turner Seed Co.; and
  • Southeast Region Vice President – John Seymour, Roundstone Seed.

Voting on the new slate of officers will occur in-person during the annual meeting of the membership at the ASTA Leadership Summit being held June 25-29 in Indianapolis, IN.

ASTA by-laws allow for nominations from the floor during the General Session. If you wish to submit a nomination or wish to be considered yourself, contact Libby Hogen-Heath as soon as possible.