New York Advances Bill to Ban Neonics

  • On May 5, 2021

As previously reported, a bill introduced in the New York legislature would effectively ban the sale and use of neonic-treated seed in the state. NY S 699 was amended last week with the expectation of a hearing in early May.

Pursuant to the amendments, the bill would classify neonic-treated seed as a pesticide and would ban its use, unless no non-neonic-treated seed is available, or it is too costly (as determined by the state’s Department of Agriculture and markets). The bill would ban the use of neonics for outdoor use on ornamental plants and turf, but would allow its use to control invasive species in certain cases, as determined by the state’s ag department. Finally, it would require the New York agriculture and environmental agencies, in consultation with Cornell University, to conduct a study to identify feasible alternatives to the use of neonic pesticides and issue a report by Jan. 1, 2023.