Ventue SA

Contact: Jose F. Moreno at

The US Embassy in Buenos Aires contacted ASTA with the following trade lead.

Ventue SA is a family firm that has been producting fiscalised soybean seed for over 35 years. It has been a supplier of finished bags for several companies, such as SPS, Comega, Asgrow (Up John Corp), Nidera, Ciba-Geigy (currently Sygenta), Don Mario ( The seed producer with the biggest Market Share in Argentina). The company is now trying to establish contact with seed producers who are not currently working in Argentina, to produce for them soybean seed off season.

The company has the following to offer: An available area of 5,000 acres to produce soybean seed in the corn belt zone of Argentina, Venado Tuerto, and owns its own machinery for drilling and harvesting.

To get in contact with Venue SA, please email Jose F. Moreno at Jose will be in the US from June 22 to July 11 and will be available for in-person meetings.

Tomato Seeds to India

Mr. Balwant Singh, Director of SeedBuzz (located in India) will be traveling to the US in August, and
would like to meet with US companies regarding the tomato seed market in India.

Mr. Singh’s prime objective “is to act as a marketing front (or a JV) for the companies in USA in the
Indian market.” He is focusing his trip on California and Florida. During his visit he would also like to
conduct field visits if at all possible.

ASTA worked directly with Mr. Singh in the past to produce the ASTA Guide to the Indian Seed Industry.
If you wish to pursue this opportunity to meet with Mr. Sigh while he is the US, please feel contact him
directly at the email address/phone number provided below.

Balwant Singh, Director
N Buzz Business Solution Pvt. Ltd., India | +91 40 66666673
+91 7675918883 |

Forage Seed in Azerbaijan

Contact: Ibrahim Farhadov at or +994514476000

ASTA was contacted by Ibrahim Farhadov with the following inquiry:

We are interested in importing some forage seeds to Azerbaijan. Species of interest include: wheat, rye, barley, corn, oat, sorghum, lucerne, and legumes.

Heirloom Organic Seed in UAE

Contact: Jason Moore at or 1-310-910-5500 (US) / +971-50-4444450 (UAE)

ASTA was contacted by Jason Moore with the following inquiry:

I am looking for any wide variety of heirloom organic seeds which would grow well in the UAE climate and sandier soil conditions. During prime growing season, our climate is 70-80 degrees during the day and cooler at night. And the air ranges from humid to arid depending on season and where. Hotels in the UAE seek unique items such as edible flowers, and unique fruits and vegetables.

For our summer, the temperature rises to 100-130 degrees (which would require good polycarbonate polytunnel with cooling).

We would be interested in all types of equipment which can support our organic farming including porous irrigation supplies and soaker hoses etc.

Onion Seed in Spain

Contact: Alejandro Lorés at

ASTA was contacted by Aljeandro Lorés with the following inquiry:

I am Alejandro Lorés, and I am a Spanish seed trader. I contacted the US embassy in Spain and they gave me your website as a reference. The reason of this mail is because I am looking for US companies that work with onion seeds in order to reach an agreement and commercialize their products in Spain, covering all the seasons in my catalogue.

Pumpkin Seeds in Portugal

Contact: Fernando Gonçalves Ferreira at

ASTA was contacted by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service Office in Lisbon, Portugal with the following inquiry:

Fernando Gonçalves Ferreira is a representative of the Casal de Santo Amaro Agricultural Society (like a cooperative) ltd. in the Ribatejo and Alentejo regions of Portugal.

He is interested in purchasing pumpkin seeds in order to produce pumpkins for snack pumpkin seeds. He has looked all over Portugal and Europe for a supplier but he can’t find anyone. If any members of ASTA are interested please contact him directly via email.

Wheat Seed in Turkey

Contact: Tuna Sava at 978-394-4770

ASTA was contacted by US Wheat Associate with the following inquiry:

I am tasked to source wheat seed from the United States for a group of Turkish growers. They work closely with Turkish Department of Agriculture and are looking to introduce American wheat to the Turkish market.

Rice Seed in Turkey

Contact: Kadirhan Tekcan at

ASTA was contacted by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service in Ankara, Turkey with the following inquiry:

We are interested to commercialize American rice varieties for Turkish market. We want to commercialize both conventional and clearfield rice that can be hybrid or standard varieties.
*For standard seeds it is belter to work with American Companies in Royalty basis. (Patent price will be paid per ton. Only basic seed will be imported) *For standard varieties we can directly import seeds.

We are a family seed company make production of hybrid sunflower and rice seed. We have all lands, farmers and seed processing plant in good conditions. We are always open to collaboration with American companies who wants to make reproduction of hybrids in Turkey. For example if there is a company want to make hybrid seed production for south European markets(Ukraine, Romania, Russia etc.) they can send parent lines and we can produce hybrid seeds for them.