Cover crops lead to healthier soil and a healthier environment. 

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Why use cover crops?

Cover crops lead to healthier soil which means increased fertility, sustainability and productivity on your land.

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Why does quality seed matter?

Better cover crop seed helps farmers achieve their conservation goals, leading to a more secure and sustainable food supply and a healthier environment.

Professional cover crop seed is grown for seed from the start, using improved genetics and the latest agronomic standards. It has been tested for purity and germination to ensure you get the highest quality seed to meet your production expectations, while minimizing the chance for invasive species and other weeds and diseases.

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Why use a professional seed supplier?

When you buy your seed from a respected, professional seed supplier, you know you’re getting clean, consistent seed that’s been tested for maximum performance and targeted for your specific needs.

ASTA’s member companies are committed to working with farmers to achieve success through managing the use of the right seed, at the place, at the right time. Contact your local, professional seed supplier to discuss your individual needs and goals, and make this your best growing season yet! It all starts with the seed. And better seed means better crops and more reliable outcomes.

Your professional, local seed companies work through licensed and certified testing laboratories to certify quality, purity and cleanliness – ensuring you have the best seed to achieve the best results.

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