ASTA Statement on EU Court of Justice Ruling on Plant Breeding Innovation

  • On July 25, 2018
  • ASTA, ECJ, EU, EU Court of Justice, Europe, Plant Breeding Innovation, Policy

“Today’s EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling is a legal interpretation of existing EU law; it is not a policy decision. However, the court’s interpretation contradicts the direction many other governments outside of Europe are going with respect to plant breeding innovation policy, and sets a dangerous precedent that could impede global trade and stifle innovation for the future.

“The ECJ’s decision is based solely on the plant breeding method, without taking into account whether the end-product could have been achieved through more traditional means. Even very small improvements made to a plant would be subject to burdensome regulation under the court’s definition. This would be a huge blow to the continuing evolution of plant breeding innovation and the tremendous promise it holds for a more sustainable and secure global food production system.”