ASTA Responds to DTN Article on Treated Seeds

  • On August 5, 2021
  • American Seed Trade Association, ASTA, DTN, Letter to the Editor, Treated Seed

In a July 22 Letter to the Editor, ASTA President & CEO Andy LaVigne provided context and clarity around several misperceptions brought up in a recent DTN article about treated seed. LaVigne’s response focused on several key themes: effectiveness, safety, regulation, and stewardship of treated seed.

“DTN’s recent article on treated seed correctly states that the use of treated seed has grown steadily over the past decade,” stated LaVigne. “These innovative tools have been widely adopted by growers for good reason – not only are they highly effective, but their extremely targeted, precise approach allows them to be a critical component of safe integrated pest management (IPM) practices and reduces the need for farmers to apply products over the entire field – resulting in benefits for both growers and the environment. Most importantly, it is an important tool to protect valuable seed from soil born pests and disease through germination and emergence.”

Read LaVigne’s full response here.