ASRF and NCCPB Launch New Seed Science Foundation

  • On August 15, 2018
  • ASRF, ASTA, NCCPB, Seed, Seed Industry, Seed Science Foundation

Exciting news for the U.S. seed industry!! The American Seed Research Foundation (ASRF) and the National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders (NCCPB) voted at their joint 2018 Annual Meeting to combine their efforts and resources into a new not-for-profit foundation named the¬†Seed Science Foundation. The¬†Seed Science Foundation¬†will be a proactive and integrated source of plant science expertise for the U.S. seed industry. Its central mission is to address seed and plant science challenges and to encourage plant breeding education and seed research in support of the ever-changing needs of the global seed industry. It will also continue efforts to fund public research programs in basic seed science and to explore opportunities for public and private research organizations to further their knowledge of “how seeds work the way they do.”

The¬†Seed Science Foundation¬†will serve as a valuable resource for the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) as it works to deliver on its strategic objectives. It will provide insight and recommend solutions that enable the U.S. seed industry to function with global effectiveness. For example, global discussions of evolving plant breeding methods and phytosanitary issues impact all of us. Having this proactive and integrated source of seed and plant science expertise is invaluable to those who are involved in those discussions. Further, the¬†Seed Science Foundation¬†will play a leading role in facilitating several student programs within ASTA’s revitalized student connections efforts. Encouraging the next generation of talent to join our industry is tremendously important for the future of our industry.

Established in 1959, the ASRF has a long and impactful history in encouraging basic research in seed biology that has the potential for application to multiple crop species and then facilitating the transfer of that research to benefit the seed industry, farmers/growers and consumers around the world. The ASRF has managed several crop Research Funds and Operation Student Connection.

The NCCPB, established in 1954, has a record of success in encouraging cooperation, partnering and mutual support with public research and educational institutions as well as supporting the improvement and simplification of intellectual property protection systems to enhance development and improvement of seeds and plants around the world. The NCCPB has continuously awarded the important contributions of public and private plant breeders as well as plant breeding graduate students.

The Seed Science Foundation is the proactive and integrated source of seed and plant science expertise for the U.S. seed industry. this expertise is critical to the evolution of the U.S. seed industry as it participates on the global stage. A transitional board of directors will complete the transition from ASRF/NCCPB, pursue Seed Science Foundation membership and deliver a slate of new board members nominees at the CSS 2018 conference in Chicago. To become a founding member of the Seed Science Foundation, or for more information, please contact Ann Jorss at