Innovation/Future TrackThis series of sessions highlights not only plant breeding innovation, but also innovative approaches to solving today’s agricultural concerns.

Trade/International Track: This session track follows international activities including policy developments, phytosanitary issues, industry partners and ASTA’s own international efforts to help you develop, sell and move seed globally.

Immersive Learning Experiences Track: ASTA’s standing committees have created immersive learning experiences to replace the traditional session room learning format. These special educational tours will offer you the chance to see the seed industry in action, to touch and feel first-hand the plants, the equipment, the materials that make the seed industry run, and to more deeply understand the concepts being described as we talk about crucial issues such as seed treatment and intellectual property rights. Along the way, you can meet and learn from new colleagues and friends, creating an all-around more meaningful version of our former ASTA committee meetings.

Leadership Development Track: This special track is designed to prepare our industry’s emerging leaders for their future careers by providing a broader understanding of the seed industry overall, as well as how to advocate, communicate and participate in the crucial policy developments of our time.

PLDC Lightning Talks: Washington D.C. moves at a fast pace; PLDC will too.  Keep up the momentum with our new PLDC (Policy & Leadership Development Conference)“Lightning Talks” – each 15 minutes or less – to hear from everyone from political insiders to industry innovators and much more.